Delta is one cool cat from the deep south.   He plays a little bit of music, but he would rather help out his best friend, BluzKat.   Bluz sometimes has a hard time finding his way around at night, so Delta always lends a helping paw with his flashlight.  Delta is also quick with his trusty sharpies and

always has plenty of them on hand for his buddy.


Like BluzKat, Delta has always had a passion for teaching. He beams with delight whenever he is approached by a young kitten seeking inspiration and guidance.


Although hes prone to finding himself in questionable situations at times, he knows that his best friend BluzKat is there for him and ready to help out.


Over the years, Delta found the true meaning of friendship and loyalty with his friend BluzKat and the kittens.

(P.S.  He also has a secret crush on Melody but he won't ever admit it.)

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