Muzik is a beautiful, shy but smart little princess who is a long-time friend of Harmony and Melody.   She was raised in a family of musical cats but alas, she was born deaf. 


However, you could never tell - she always has a little twinkle in her deep blue eyes full of laughter and love.  She is fiercely loyal to her friends who support and respect her for the cat she is inside - not for her deafness.  


Thru Harmony and Melody, Muzik meets BluzKat, whom under his caring guidance,  and rediscovers the real meaning in the colorful world of music for the first time in all of her nine lives.


Muzik, with her BIG heart of gold, always have been and will always be a role model for deaf kittens and their families.  


Inspired by her deaf mother and BluzKat, Muzik now has a dream of her own to connect the deaf feline kittens to the world of music.




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